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Best architect in aluva

Site Area: 5.5. cents
Location: Kalamassery
Area: 2650 Sq.ft

A Contemporary forte with all the luxuries of a Royal living. The site had three expansive rain trees which we wanted to retain as a green buffer between the roads and private spaces within. The spaces are synonymous with living with nature with all the bedrooms having wide and large views into the branching canopy. The main idea of providing maximum utility spaces found an echo by having a small central courtyard.

Architect in Ernakulam Project

Site Area: 6 CENTS

Location: Aluva

Area: 3000 Sq.ft 

The house on the Periyar is a four bedroom residential home located along the banks of river Periyar in Aluva, Kerala. The plot is tucked away in a lush green remote corner of Thuruth (an island) with the river bordering on the south west side. The home is designed for a doctor couple, their parents and two sons. Embracing the riverside setting was a primary concern of the client.Our response was to design a simple and uncluttered composition that is interlinked and open to expose the river to the interior. Private spaces are grouped into a volume that seemingly hovers over the river.

Project Team: Ar.Anjith & Ar.Rakhi Mariam 

Mall project by Architect in Ernakulam

Site Area: 4 acres

Location: Kottayam

Area: 1.5 lakh sq.ft

The competition project was called by Mangalam Group, the famous media house from Kottayam. The project proposal was given in collaboration with Safe matrix private ltd. The project brief demanded a proposal for a mall at a site near to a river and abutting National Highway.  The proposal was envisaged as a cultural hub to Kottyam town. A huge promenade facing river was designed along with an appealing front edge. Space was distributed in 4 floors and an additional basement floor made available using levels for hypermarket. The mall has commercial space on two floors, third floor houses a movie theatre and a food court.

Project Team: Ar.Anjith & Ar.Vishnu



Villa project by Architect in Ernakulam

Site Area: 50 cents
Location: Varapuzha
Area: Luxury Villas of 3000 sq.ft area

Best Projects churn out when there are meaningful interactions between the Developer and the architect...!!Gardens of Delight is one such Gem of a project which evolved through such a series of dialogues between the entire team of Casadel and our practice... Located very close to NH in Varapuzha, GARDENS is planned as a luxury villa project with only 14 premium residential villas with all amenities including swimming pool, Gym, Community Centre, Library, Security etc. In the Site planning along with wide vehicular road an extra green walkway is provided on both sides giving a luxurious 15m wide gap in between each villas. The central road leads to the club house, which is located carefully to become the visual anchor to the entire community. 

Project Architect: Anjith Augustine, Rakhi Mariam Johnson, Roshan Maria

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Residence project by Architect in Ernakulam

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