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Site Area: 6.5. cents
Location: Aluva
Area: 3000 Sq.ft

'The house on the Periyar'

The house on the Periyar is a four bedroom residential home located along the banks of river Periyar in Aluva, Kerala. The plot is tucked away in a lush green remote corner of Thuruth (an island) with the river bordering on the south west side. The home is designed for a doctor couple, their parents and two sons. Embracing the riverside setting was a primary concern of the client.Our response was to design a simple and uncluttered composition that is interlinked and open to expose the river to the interior. Private spaces are grouped into a volume that seemingly hovers over the river. The continuation of the riverside landscape into the inside of the building is one of the key features. Existing topography has been maintained. Ground floor consists of car garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom and parents bedroom. A mezzanine floor above car porch consists of study space and a TV room. Upper floor consists of master bedroom and the boys room. There is an attic space below the sloping room.


Client: Dr.Shoyson
Structural Design: Triangle Design Studio Home automation: Gadgeon
Photography: Althaf 

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