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Site Area: 5.5. cents
Location: Kalamassery
Area: 2650 Sq.ft

A Contemporary forte' with all the luxuries of a Royal living. The site had three expansive rain trees which we wanted to retain as a green buffer between the roads and private spaces within.. The spaces are synonymous with living with nature with all the bedrooms having wide and large views into the branching canopy. The main idea of providing maximum utility spaces having a small central courtyard. Except for living room all other rooms open out into green areas. Parking was given from one side of road and the pedestrian entry from the other side. A mezzanine floor is given over the parking area approachable from central court. The entire volume of building is divided by a long slit facade with stairs and it acts as the light well to the otherwise massive building. The dining opens out into the central court which can act as an outdoor dining space as well as entry from private parking. Stone masonary adds as an elevation element as well as an interior backdrop to bedroom. The house is fully air conditioned running on solar power.

Client: Navin Thomas
Structural Design: Triangle Design Studio Home automation: Gadgeon
Photography: Running studios

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