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Site Area: Thrissur Bus stand precinct

Location: Thrissur

Client: TUDA  (Thrissur Urban Development Authority)


Thrissur Bus stand redevelopment was a joint proposal given by City Futures and DD Architects Thrissur. It was developed as a CSR project for corporation in which the bus stand area was to be upgraded into a high quality space from its current dilapidated state. The bus stand catering to buses towards north of Thrissur, didn't have proper buildings, waiting areas, toilet facilities and most importantly didn't match up to the cultural capital city while being right in front sakthan palace.

The new proposal first and foremost rectifies the circulation pattern of the buses coming in and going out. Further bus bay are provided based on directions with ample waiting areas, commercial spaces and hygienic toilet facilities. the entire complex is given a new aesthetic outlook that matches up with the city's historic context.

Urban Design team: Ar.Anjith Augustine, Niji Nataraj

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