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Site Area: 20 cents
Location: Alangad
Area: 2600 Sq.ft

The inspiration for the house was taken from the large banyan tree in front of the site itself. Light perforating through its leaves was extrapolated into the design through the use of a vertical pergola system that allows daylight to filter through in a playful manner. The main concept of “THANAL HOUSE” is the “transition spaces” to connect the exterior and interior. The house blurs spatial boundaries to orchestrate light and environment into daily life. The transition verandah is provided with an array of vertical steel pipes to bring in privacy. The dining room is designed to connect to an exterior courtyard with a preexisting guava tree.

The main living room is double height. Its volume flows up into the upper living space. Thus a visual connection is established between the common spaces. This double height is in turn provided with vertical slits opening into a transition balcony space on the upper floor.Streams of light penetrate into the house at varying degrees through vertical slit windows, vertical steel pipes, the wide courtyard beside the dining room etc.

Structural Consultant - Triange Studio
Interiors- Arena
Photography - Ar. Althaf Rasheed

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