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Site Area: 4 acres

Location: Perumbavoor


Perumbavoor Hospital is all set to get a makeover as it has been in dilapidated state for a long time. Many piecemeal constructions inside the complex has added to the clutter inside site. The project proposal was submitted by City Futures in collaboration with SafeMatrix India Pvt ltd. 

A data collection and survey was conducted to document all existing buildings. buildings which are to be demolished were identified and site area was demarcated for building. The design is proposed in phases as all buildings cannot be taken down together. First phase will have OP block. Second phase will have surgery block and third phase will have cancer care and specializations. The building is designed giving primary importance to functionality as any healthcare facility runs on the service part. It is the backbone of the buildings. 

Design team: Ar.Anjith Augustine, Meenukutty MN, Jinju Thomas

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