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Site Area: 6 acres
Location: Mukkannur
Area: 1500 sq.ft (Each villa)

One of our biggest projects on board, 'Palm County' is a 90 unit community oriented villa project near Cochin Airport. The exquisite location lies close to Athirappally waterfalls and is undeterred by the madness of the crowd, yet very close to it.

The site has natural slope towards one side and many natural features like spread out canopy trees, gushing streams, a pond in midst of rocky formation, a well, etc. The design utilized all its natural beauty and tries to create a peaceful habitat which merges with it. Envisaged as vacation homes, holiday homes & retirement villas, this is designed as an ideal place to relax. The pond and rocky formation is transformed into a large tank with club house alongside. The different streams becomes the lifeline of parks and they align along it.

There are five villa typologies varying from 1000 to 1500 sq.ft each with a master bedroom in the ground floor and a loft bedroom. A pool is an additional plugin. Additional bedrooms can be added to the first floor on demand.

Project Architect: Anjith Augustine, Roshan Maria, Rakhi Mariam

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