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Site Area: 2 acres

Location: Kecheri Thrissur


Hanna Ayurvedic centre is envisaged as a novel concept of luxury Ayurvedic villas cum treatment centre in a green environment near Guruvayoor and thrissur. The project is ideall for temple visitors, retirees and other visitors as well. The idea is to own a villa next to treatment facility. The entire complex is designed as disabe friendly suiting patients and old people alike. Facilitates include treatment center, accommodation fro staff and doctors, villas and club house.

A traditional style is approached to the built structures and the design tries to save as many coconut trees as possible within the site. The linear site is provided with a residential entry and public entry apart from a service entry. Courtyard style is used in treatment centres. The project envisages to use maximum of reused wooden waste from other demolished sites.

Urban Design team: Ar.Anjith Augustine, Niji Nataraj

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