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Project: Area Committee Office+Social CentrePlot Area: 10 Cents
Built up Area: 6000 Sq.ft

A project so close to our heart and challenging because it was not for an individual or a family, but for the society! To nurture a strong, positive, progressive new society through spaces… A special thanks to Comrade Babu for standing strong alongside our idea and proposal which was unconventional to many. The project was completely crowd-funded making it owned by the people and is one of the largest and unique crowd funded party centers in the state. Inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala, we are happy to hear the good words of motivation from him to work towards a better future! The Client brief demanded: 10 cents with high water-logging and a small pond. A centre in memory of late comrade K.R a new administrative headquarters. A public-oriented center. A very minimal budget.

The site had a waterlogged pond. We were convinced to retain the same as a natural pond and to build around it. A red tower of remembrance was proposed in memory of the comrade. It also acts as a tall image maker visible from different roads nearby. The red lining from main road leads to the tower since the building itself doesn't get much view from road. The built form is thin & linear due to the shape of the site and a cut out is made to accommodate the pond. The pond acts as central space and a public space for coming together. Pond is retained by making walls on sides and natural drain underneath. Community fish farming and vegetable farming is proposed alongside it. A library, learning center & community hall was proposed as public facilities. They were staggered in different floors to ensure public movement to all the spaces. The office spaces, guest rooms & pantry have been placed in ground and first floor. Elements like windows resembling scars, dripping lines, etc., are in memory of the strong background of the party. Material palette used primarily red bricks, green and water on the outside and more contemporary interiors. Red color runs as a common theme augmenting the core of the party!

Architect: Ar. Anjith Augustine

Structural Design: Abhilash Rajan

Photography: @Prashant Mohan, Anjith Augustine

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